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Travel insurance

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Ensure a good travel insurance. While many health insurers cover the most essential healthcare costs abroad, it is crucial to be well-informed about what is and isn't covered.

Consider activities you might want to try on vacation, such as paragliding, scuba diving, or horseback riding. Even if you plan to relax only by the pool, it's wise to be covered for unforeseen eventualities.


A European Health Insurance Card (better known by the English abbreviation EHIC *) is the minimum you should take when traveling. This covers, for example, a visit to a public hospital/emergency room (urgencias) in case of an emergency. Note that these hospitals often speak only Spanish or limited English.

* for UK nationals: If you have an existing EHIC, it will remain valid until the expiry date on the card, if not, you need to apply for a UK GHIC. For more info, see this link.

European Health Insurance Card. Foto van een EHIC kaart.

What should I consider when traveling with only an EHIC?

  • You receive only necessary medical care during a temporary stay abroad. So, no private healthcare or repatriation.
  • The card is personal, both for adults and children. Each person should bring their own card..
  • The validity period is indicated on the card, so check in advance to ensure it has not expired.


Private doctors and hospitals do not accept the European Health Insurance Card. Medical care in such facilities must be paid for upfront and can be claimed upon your return. I still recommend taking out travel insurance. This is usually not expensive (expect around €1 to €2 per day) and prevents financial issues in case something goes wrong during your trip.

Travel insurance

With a good travel insurance, you can also access the - very modern - private hospitals, which usually have translators. They will assist you - often in your own language - with advice and support.

If you need to go to the hospital, try to contact your insurance as soon as possible (most have a 24/7 emergency number), so they can coordinate everything with the hospital. Otherwise, you might end up with a sky-high hospital bill.

In most hotels, you can also have a doctor come to your hotel. For such a consultation, you'll easily pay around €70. You'll need to pay this upfront, and you can submit the invoice to your health insurance later.