Wat de doen als je koffer kwijt is? Beteuterde toeriste met lege trolley en lege bagageband op vliegveld.

What to do when your suitcase gets lost?

You packed your suitcase with great care. Everything goes smoothly at check-in, the suitcase turns out not to be too heavy, and there's no long queue at security. Even the plane is on time. The vacation is off to a good start!

After landing, you confidently make your way to the baggage carousel in the arrival hall. Even when the monitor displays the number of the next flight, you still have hope. But alas: your suitcase is nowhere to be found. And now? What to do if your suitcase is lost?

First of all: don't panic. It's not fun, but unfortunately, such things happen occasionally.

Next, you search for the baggage tag that the airline staff handed over during baggage check-in. They usually stick it onto your boarding pass. In any case, this is already an important point: always keep the baggage tag safe during check-in, until you have collected all your baggage upon arrival.

Wat the doen als je koffer kwijt is? Copie van World Tracer with instructions
World Tracer

PIR Form & World Tracer

With the baggage label, you go to the service desk in the arrival hall.

Here, a report is created, a so-called PIR form (Property Irregularity Report). This form records all important information such as name, telephone number, accommodation address, and a description of your luggage. Each PIR has its own file number, which allows you to check the status of the delayed baggage online through the website of World Tracer.

In most cases, the luggage is found within 48 hours. It will be delivered to the accommodation by the responsible airline or handling agent.

Stand out!

Apart from your suitcase being loaded onto the wrong flight, it can also happen that your beloved suitcase is accidentally taken by someone else at the arrival belt.

Many suitcases look alike, so this happens more often than you think. Make sure your suitcase stands out. A colored strap or unique sticker on your luggage can greatly help prevent mix-ups.

Or how about a luggage set printed with your own logo or a personal photo? You can order these fun gadgets from the company Yoursurprise and have them delivered to your home. It's also great to give something like this as a gift!

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Compensation for delayed luggage

As long as the baggage has not been found, you have the right to purchase necessary items. This includes toiletries, underwear, and (swim) clothing. It is important to keep the receipts, as you will need them when filing a claim with the airline.

Do you bring valuable items in your luggage? Then it might be a good idea to take out additional insurance for this. You can find more information about this on the Travel Insurance page.

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