Vervoersopties in Tenerife. Foto van vliegtuig, bus, taxi en auto

Transport options in Tenerife

How do I get to Tenerife?

Before we delve into the various transport options in Tenerife, we need to get to the island first. Since Tenerife is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you can only get here by plane or boat. For the best flight deals, click here and check out Booking.com's handy comparison portal.

How do I get around the island?

You've arrived safely, but now the question is: how do I get from the airport to my accommodation? And how do I get around the island? Despite the increasingly busy traffic, the transportation options on Tenerife are well organized. Here's an overview:

Vervoer op Tenerife. Foto van een Titsa busPublic transport

The TITSA company (public transportation on Tenerife) provides good connections to most villages, towns, and attractions. Click here for the link to a separate chapter about Public Transportation, with detailed information and tips.


Vervoersopties op Tenerife: Privé transfer van/naar luchthaven. Foto van autoPrivate transfer

A relaxing way to travel quickly to and from the airport. Upon arrival, the driver awaits you in the arrivals hall, and upon departure, a pickup point is arranged to swiftly and safely transport you back to the airport. The transfer price is slightly higher than that of a regular taxi, but you don't have to wait in the (often long) line at the airport taxi stand. For transfers from Tenerife South Airport, click here. For transfers from Tenerife North Airport, click here.


Vervoer op Tenerife: Huurauto bij de TeideRental car

Discover the island with a rental car. The advantage is that you can reach places that may not be accessible by bus. Click here for the link to a separate chapter on car rental, with important information on what to look out for.


Foto van TaxiTaxi

The taxis in Tenerife are fast, efficient, and, by Northern European standards, reasonably priced. An advantage is that they are charged per journey, not per person. To catch a taxi, you can hail one with a hand gesture as they pass by, New York style. Additionally, there are taxi stands scattered around where you should take the first taxi in line. Alternatively, you can also call the taxi center. All official taxis have a taximeter. However, it's advisable to inquire about the fare when getting into the taxi.


Uber autoUber

In addition to taxis, Uber is also available on the island. It can only be accessed through the dedicated app (here) and is generally slightly more expensive than a taxi. The advantage, however, is that the price is fixed in advance and deducted from your credit, so you don't have to pay the driver anything extra. Handy for when you don't have your wallet with you.

Infrastructure of the island

To plan your Tenerife adventure optimally, it is advisable to delve into the island's infrastructure.

With a circumference of 342 km, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. The TF1 (Autopista del Sur) traverses the southern side of the island from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Santiago del Teide, while the TF5 (Autopista del Norte), located in the north, connects El Tanque with Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Currently, construction is underway on the longest tunnel in the Canary Islands, the Túnel de Erjos. This 5.1 km long tunnel will connect Santiago del Teide with El Tanque, completing the highway ring around the island. The project is expected to be completed in the first semester of 2025.