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Auto huren op Tenerife: foto van uithangbord met autoverhuur, autosleutel en huurauto op het strand


To discover the island at your own pace, a rental car is highly recommended. You can reach more places by car than by public transport and save time. For example, you could rent a car at the airport, and leisurely drive to your holiday accommodation (instead of waiting for the transfer coach to drop off 52 other passengers in 20 different hotels). Insider tip!

As mentioned in the Transport chapter (click here), the circumference of the island is 342 km. Theoretically, you could drive around the island in 1 day. But then you wouln't have much time to get out of the car and explore all the beauty the island has to offer.

I would recommend renting the car for at least a week. It often works out cheaper. Even if decide to leave it parked for a day a day or two.

What should you pay attention to when renting a car?

Book in time

Due to the Covid situation and the resulting lack of tourists, many rental companies have kept their car fleet low for the past 2 years, waiting for better times. The stock is meanwhile nearly fully replenished and fortunately it easier – and more affordable – to book a rental car. However , it is advisable to book in time.

This not only prevents disappointment, but it often saves a lot of money . If you book in time you can often find a nice rental car with a daily price between € 20 and € 35 (17 to 30 GBP/ 20 to 36 USD)

Don't save on insurance

Fortunately, most car rental companies offer an CDW Insurance (collision damage waiver) as standard, but make sure to pay attention to this while booking.

Apart from possible stones that can damage the windshield on dirt tracks, car bumpers are often used to squeeze a car into a parking space that is slightly too small. A push forward, a push back and there you go: car parked! Incidentally, I do not recommend nor use this form of parking myself, but have witnessed it in my neighbourhood (where it can get quite busy in the weekend). So make sure to get that CDW insurance!

“Size does matter” – don't necessarily go for the smallest model

In terms of price, the smaller models and middle class models do not difere very much. Keep in mind that the roads in the mountains can get steep, and a somewhat sturdier car model would be more appropiate. But don't go for the biggest model either, as you also want to be able to park easily. I would recommend to hire a compact sized car.

Fair fuel scheme

Fuel in the Canary Islands is – compared to Northern Europe – relatively cheap. That is not to say that some car rental companies do not try to make a profit and make you pay in advance for a full tank that you can return empty. If you fill it up yourself, it comes out much cheaper.

It is better to look for a rental company that offers a fair fuel arrangement. Meaning that, when you collect the car with a full tank, you have to return it with a full tank, and not pay any fuel costs to the rental company.

Island Hopping

You might have considered renting a car and 'do' all the islands during your holiday by means of ferry. I am sorry to dissapoint you, but unfortunately it is currently not allowed to take rental cars off the island where you rent it.

This will also be specifically stated in the rental contract: you are not insured if you take the car to another island. Not every rental company has a depot on every island, and if there is a problem with the car, you will have to pay the expenses to get the car back to the island where you rented it.

Apart from that, the cost of transferring a car by ferry – for non-residents – is about the same as 2 days car rental. So it makes more sense to rent a car on each island separately. Or you could consider island hopping by plane. The local airlines such as Binter Canarias quite affordable, so that is also an option.


This ominous headline is not so much about the theft of the car itself, but rather its contents. The chance that a rental car is stolen is virtually nil. Most rental cars have a GPS tracker and a potential car thief will not get far with the car.

What you have to be careful about, however, is that you don't leave any valuables open and exposed (wallet, iPhone, etc.). That sounds obvious, but these things happen when you least expect it:

For example, you are driving around on the island, and decide to stop at a beautiful quiet panorama point. No one around, apart from a few other tourists making pictures of the scenery. Nothing suspicious to see. Eagerly, you jump out of the car, camera in hand to take the ultimate holiday snapshot. When you get back to the car, your bag is gone! With your wallet, driver's license, passport. What to do? On the FAQ page (click here) you can read what to do if this happens. But it is better to be safe than sorry, so always pay attention and keep valuables in sight!

On the page of the Traffic Rules in Tenerife (click here) you can also find extensive information about:

  • de verkeersregels op het eiland
  • parkeren
  • wat te doen als de auto wordt weggesleept.

Ondanks de redelijk lange lijst met suggesties, is het absoluut de moeite een auto te huren. T.z.t. komt er op deze pagina ook een link naar autoverhuurbedrijven die ik aanraad.

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