Tenerife West - Mooiste Stranden. Map van westen van Tenerife
The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife West

The western part of the island is considerably quieter than the south. You won't find mass tourism here, making it a favorite destination for travelers looking to give their vacation an authentic touch.

Here, you won't find extensive sandy beaches, but rather idyllic coves that offer an intimate atmosphere.

Sometimes you have to walk a bit before reaching such a cove, but the beautifully laid-out walking paths make it more of a pleasure than a burden.

In any case, as a beach lover, you'll get your money's worth.

Would you like to get a preview of the beaches of Tenerife? You can! Some beaches have a free live webcam. Simply click on the symbol next to each beach with a webcam to take a look. Webcam Tenerife Stranden


Playa de Abama.1
Playa de Abama


Playa de Abama is hidden behind the prestigious 5-star hotel The Ritz-Carlton. The origin of the beach in its current form is incidentally linked to a juicy anecdote:

In 2003, the construction of this enormous project began. Apart from showcasing impressive architecture and the creation of a lush park around the hotel, no expenses were spared to connect the hotel to the beach 75 meters below through a real cable car. A kind of private paradise for the Rich & Famous. At least, that was the intention of the property developer.

However, what had not been taken into account is that private beaches are not allowed in Spain. So, ultimately, there was no choice but to grant access to the 'common people' all the way to the beach.

Route to the beach

Although Google Maps indicates otherwise, you can only drive to the public parking lot at the entrance of the hotel, where there is also a bus stop (bus line 473). From the parking lot/bus stop to the beach, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes on foot.

It's not a big issue, as it allows you to take a glimpse into the hotel's exotic gardens right away. And who knows, you might even run into a celebrity! By the way, only hotel guests are allowed to use the cable car and transfer train. That means for the common folks, it's a descent on foot (followed by a sturdy climb) via the asphalt road or the steep stone staircase next to the cable car.

Playa de Abama. Foto vanaf het uitkijkpunt Abama strand, met stukje van de trap.
Playa de Abama

The golden beach offers sunbeds, showers, and a Beach Bar. This bar belongs to the hotel but is freely accessible to everyone. Make sure to bring enough money!

It's delightful to swim in this sheltered bay; the crystal-clear water invites you for a refreshing dip and perhaps a snorkeling tour. All in all, it's definitely worth visiting this special beach!

Playa de San Juan. Foto van het strand met deel van de haven.
Playa de San Juan


Just a 5-minute drive north of Playa de Abama, you'll find the charming fishing village of Playa San Juan. The adjacent beach carries the simple name Playa de San Juan, fitting the word "playa" (beach) already included in the village name.

The beach is ideally situated between the village's harbor and a banana plantation. The mixed sand is fine-grained in texture, with some stones scattered here and there, providing a delightful spot for complete relaxation. The presence of swaying palm trees and cozy local eateries and drink spots along the beach gives it a unique atmosphere, making it a true insider tip for those who want to enjoy a day at the beach without the crowds of mass tourism.

Due to its sheltered location behind the harbor walls, it is possible to swim here pleasantly throughout the entire year.

Tenerife West - Mooiste Stranden. Playa de San Juan. Foto van het strand met palmbomen
Playa de San Juan
Tenerife West - Playa la Jaquita wandelpad. Foto van wandelpad naar het strand.
Playa La Jaquita - Walking trail


A hidden gem on the west coast. Playa La Jaquita is an enchanting black beach located behind the 5-star hotel Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora. A beautiful footpath guides visitors to this jewel, renowned not only for its tranquil atmosphere but also for the breathtaking sunsets that can be admired here. Truly an insider's tip!

About a 10-minute walk from the beach, there is a reasonably large (free) parking area available. The beach is also easily accessible from the nearest bus stop. Whether you're coming for a relaxing day by the sea or to enjoy the magical sunset, a visit to this beach is definitely worth it.

There are excellent facilities such as toilets, showers, a lifeguard, sun loungers, and umbrellas. For delicious snacks and a relaxed atmosphere, you can visit Beach-Club Areia.

Tenerife West. Playa la Jaquita Sunset. Zonsondergang vanaf het Playa la Jaquita strand
Playa La Jaquita - Sunset
Playa de la Arena. foto van strand met achtergrond kliffen
Playa de la Arena


Located in the eponymous seaside resort, this beach certainly belongs in the top 5 of the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast. With its unique lava beach, this beach offers an extraordinary experience for beach lovers. The fine sand is jet black and can get scorching hot during the day, so be sure to wear flip-flops when walking on the beach.

Facilities on the beach include sun loungers, sunshades, toilets, and showers. An excellent beach watch post ensures safety, allowing you to enjoy the sun and the sea carefree.

After a refreshing swim, you can enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, where local delicacies and international dishes are served. The bus stop is located right by the beach, and there is free parking in the immediate vicinity.

Playa de la Arena. Foto van het gelijknamige strand.
Playa de la Arena
Playa de los Guios
Los Gigantes - Playa de los Guios


Located in Los Gigantes, Playa de los Guios (also known as Playa de Argel) lies directly at the foot of these same-named cliffs. Although the black beach, with its 180 meters length, is not really large, it is certainly worth a visit. The view of the gigantic rock formations is unique.

The beach is located right next to the entrance of the port, from where numerous excursion boats depart to the surrounding waters to observe dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Particularly popular are the boat excursions of the company Flipper Uno, which has a wide range of boats to suit every taste.

For those seeking a slightly quieter environment, the nearby beach of Puerto de Santiago, Playa Chica, offers a relaxing alternative.

Playa Chica. Foto van het strand van Puerto de Santiago.
Puerto de Santiago - Playa Chica