Tenerife North - Most Beautiful Beaches
The most beautiful beaches in Tenerife North

The tourism on Tenerife originated in the north, at the end of the 19th century. At that time, it was mainly focused on health tourism, where people with respiratory and skin problems sought relief in the healing power of the ocean and the pure sea air. However, mass tourism, as we know it in the south, did not develop. The balance between culture, nature, and tourist infrastructure is much better aligned in this part of the island. So, if you're looking for a more authentic experience of the island, you're in the right place here.

In terms of beaches, the north is somewhat less endowed than the south. While it has some reasonably accessible beaches, it is mainly characterized by a somewhat rugged landscape, surrounded by untouched nature. An unforgettable experience for those who want to discover the natural beauty of Tenerife.

Would you like to get a preview of the beaches of Tenerife? You can! Some beaches have a free live webcam. Simply click on the symbol next to each beach with a webcam to take a look. Webcam Tenerife Stranden

Webcam Tenerife Stranden



You have to drive quite a distance, but then you'll have something special: Playa de Benijo is definitely one of the most beautiful natural beaches on the island. Located in the far north of the island, this is about the most remote part of Tenerife you can find. To give you an idea: although Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as the crow flies, is only 25 km away, it takes about an hour to reach this beach from the capital. So it's not surprising that this beach isn't very crowded. And that's precisely what makes it attractive. Time seems to have stood still here. Tenerife at its purest!

On Google Maps, it's a bit confusing to find the beach. If you enter Playa de Benijo on the map, you'll get two beaches as a result, both 1 km apart from each other. While the Benijo beach to the west of the village of the same name certainly has its charm, it pales in comparison to the slightly more easterly namesake. A magical experience!

 The 300-meter long sandy beach can only be reached via a staircase renovated in 2022, but with a bit of fitness, you'll take about 10-15 minutes to get there. 

It concerns a rugged natural beach in a remote area, so don't expect beach clubs, sunbeds, or showers here.

 For food and drinks, it's best to bring something yourself. However, I recommend trying to secure a spot in one of the 3 restaurants in the village of Benijo. 

Tenerife Noord - Mooiste stranden. Playa de Benijo
Playa de Benijo
Webcam Tenerife Stranden
Playa de Benijo Webcam
Tenerife Noord - Mooiste stranden. Playa de Benijo bij zonsondergang.
Roque Benijo
Playa Bollullo. Foto van Playa Bollullo.
Playa Bollullo


Playa Bollullo is located about 3 km east of the city of Puerto de la Cruz. You can reach it on foot from Puerto de la Cruz, via the beautiful hiking trail Camino a la Playa El Bollulo. Another option is by car, which is a bit more adventurous as the road passes through a narrow path between banana plantations. For €5, you can park your car in the parking lot of Restaurante Bollullo Beach. If you prefer to travel by bus, that's also possible. Bus 376 runs a few times a day between La Orotava and El Rincón, although it's still a 1.5 km walk from the last stop to the beach, or rather, to the beginning of the enormous staircase that leads to the beach. This staircase is not suitable for people with difficulty walking.

Reaching the beach is not easy, which actually only adds to its charm. Like a hidden gem, it is nestled between impressive cliffs and lush vegetation. With its black sand, crystal-clear water, and rolling waves, Playa Bollullo offers a beautiful environment to relax and soak up the sun. However, be cautious while swimming, as the sea can sometimes be rough along the coastline.

On the beach itself, you'll find the cozy beach bar Bollullo Chiringuito, where you can enjoy a refreshing cold beer and some food at a reasonable price. In any case, this beach is definitely worth a visit if you're staying in the vicinity of Puerto de la Cruz.


This beautiful black beach is part of the small tourist resort Mesa del Mar, located in the coastal area of the municipality of Tacoronte.

Playa de la Arena is accessible on foot via a small tunnel from the large parking lot. It is well sheltered, making it pleasant for swimming. Along the beach, there is a beautiful promenade, and facilities such as a lifeguard, toilets, and showers are available. On clear days, you have a magnificent view over the coastline, with the outlines of Teide visible in the distance. The sunset from this beach is also truly spectacular.

It's best to plan your visit during the week. Although there are quite a few free parking facilities, it can be more difficult to find a parking spot on weekends. Alternatively, you can also come by bus. Titsa bus number 21 shuttles daily between Tacoronte and Mesa del Mar.

An additional highlight is the natural pool, which is just 250 meters from the beach. From here, you also have a good view of the Los Ficus building, which has been going viral on social media for some time. Although this building from the 1960s doesn't really deserve a beauty prize, it has been creatively adapted to the available terrain, making it a unique feature of the area.

If you are considering spending a few days of vacation here, there is even the possibility to stay overnight in this iconic building. Here is a selection of a few holiday homes in Los Ficus:

Playa de la Arena - Mesa del Mar overdag
Playa de la Arena - Mesa del Mar
Playa de la Arena - Mesa del Mar. Foto van zonsondergang bij het strand met silhouet van de Teide
Playa de la Arena - Sunset
Edificio Los Ficus - Mesa del Mar
Mesa del Mar - Edf. Los Ficus
Playa Jardín. Foto van het strand met de tuin.
Playa Jardín
Webcam Tenerife Stranden
Playa Jardín Webcam
Lago Martiánez. Foto van het grote openluchtzwembad, met op de achtergrond de Teide
Lago Martiánez


Located on the coast of the lively Puerto de la Cruz, you'll find Playa Jardín. This beach area consists of 3 black sand beaches: Playa del Castillo, Playa Chica, and Playa Punta Brava. As the name suggests, Playa Jardín owes its name to the lush gardens and the eponymous promenade that connects the 3 beaches. The gardens, with beautiful paths and native flora, were designed by none other than the famous sculptor and architect César Manrique. In addition to designing the gardens, he is also responsible for the creation of Lagos Martiánez, an impressive outdoor pool complex located approximately 1.5 km from Playa Jardín (an attractive alternative if you ever want to feel the sand between your toes or if the ocean is too rough for swimming).

The total length of the Playa Jardín area is approximately one kilometer, making it easy to find a nice spot on the beach, even on weekends! There are sun loungers, toilets, and showers available, as well as lifeguards.  

In the vicinity of the beach, you'll find plenty of restaurants, beach bars, and supermarkets where you can grab a quick snack or enjoy a full meal. Parking is available nearby, but if you prefer to come by bus, the Titsa bus 381 stops directly at the beach!


About 3 km from Icod de los Vinos lies one of the calmest beaches in the north: Playa de San Marcos. This beach is located in a sheltered cove between cliffs and rocks, which naturally protects it from the often rough ocean on the north side of the island.

With a length of 160 meters, the beach consists of black sand and pebbles. It offers amenities such as toilets, showers, beach chairs, and a lifeguard. Along the bay, you can also find a few cozy restaurants, so bringing a picnic is unnecessary.

During weekends and in the summer months, it can get quite busy here. Although there is parking available, it is somewhat limited. On busier days, it may be more practical to use public transportation. The Titsa bus 362 operates daily between the center of Icod de los Vinos and San Marcos Beach.

Tenerife Noord - Mooiste Stranden. Foto van Playa de San Marcos.
Playa de San Marcos

Even more enjoyable might be to simply spend a few days vacationing in or around Playa de San Marcos. Besides the beautiful beach, you'll find yourself just a stone's throw away from the town of Icod de los Vinos, known for the 1000-year-old Drago Milenario (Dragon Tree), the butterfly park, and of course, the numerous wine cellars.

Two absolute gems in terms of accommodation are Hotel Emblemático San Agustin and Hotel Emblemático San Marcos, both located in the cozy center of Icod de los Vinos and just 10 minutes by bus from Playa de San Marcos.

Hotel Emblematico San Marcus. Slaapkamer.
Hotel Emblemático San Marcos
Hotel Emblematico San Agustin. Patio.
Hotel Emblemático San Marcos