Tenerife Insider Tips .

Ik vertrok: foto van vertrekkende en en landende vliegtuigen bij zonsondergang


Who hasn't dreamed of it at some point? Living and working where others spend their holidays. Judging by the number of reality programs, it remains a topic that interests many people. Comfortably at home in front of the TV, you can enjoy stories, whether successful or not, of adventurers who decide to emigrate to exotic places.

In this chapter, we follow several successful expats who made the leap and moved to Tenerife to build a new life. I have consciously chosen people who – in my opinion – provide invaluable insights for a perfect Tenerife experience. Real insider tips!

Are you perhaps also considering to pack your things and come to live in paradise? Then take a look at the interesting and sometimes moving interviews with people who started a new life in Tenerife.  

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Elisabeth - Masajes Hamsa

Elisabeth - Masajes Hamsa

Elisabeth has lived in Tenerife since 1996 and has worked as an independent masseuse for the last few years. Her specialty is Californian Massage. You can read in this article what such a massage entails, and why you have come to the right place for an unforgettable relaxation session.

Jennifer - bijzondere bootexcursies

Jennifer - Boat trips in Los Gigantes

Jennifer came to Tenerife in 1994 with one suitcase and the hope of making this island her new home. With courage & perseverance she assisted her husband Adolfo in starting a very successful boat excursion company. You can read here how it all started with the construction of the Flipper Uno.