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Flowers and plants on Tenerife



Tenerife has a fairly stable subtropical climate, with no major difference between the seasons. This is why Tenerife is often called 'Island of the Eternal Spring'. As attractive as this nickname may sound, the presence of different microclimates on the island can sometimes come as a somewhat unpleasant surprise to unsuspecting tourists.

But what exactly is a microclimate ? Simply put, it concerns a specific area with different climatic conditions than the rest of the surrounding areas. Such as, for example, a pack of snow at Teide National Park (especially in winter, so also pack warm clothes), while you can bask in the sun on the coast, just 40 kilometers away.  

Flowers and plants on Tenerife

Nature on Tenerife has adapted perfectly to the microclimates, so that as a nature lover you will really be amazed by the enormous variety of flowers and plants.

It is of nearly impossible to cover the entire flora of the island in this site, but I have listed the most special ones here for you.

Tabaiba Dulce zaadje


A common shrub along the coastline of the Canary Islands. Read more about this interesting plant in this link.