Tenerife Insider Tips .

Flora & Fauna

Op het gebied van flora & fauna valt er heel wat te beleven op Tenerife. Dankzij de different climate zones , the island has an enormous biodiversity. Of the approximately 1400 different plant species, no fewer than 140 are endemic.

With regards to fauna, there is a multitude of bird species, reptiles, amphibians, fish species and - one of the most impressive sights of the island - the presence of wild sea turtles and cetaceans such as pilot whale and bottlenose dolphin.

The ocean between Tenerife and La Gomera has been declared Europe's first whale paradisein early 2021 , a Whale Heritage Site, about which you can read and see more arrow right, arrow, sign-310628.jpg  here .

Het thema Flora & Fauna is zo divers, dat het natuurlijk onmogelijk is alles te behandelen in deze website. Mijn bedoeling is in ieder geval poco a poco , the information with interesting facts.

But let's start small. Because insects also belong to the ecosystem of the island. In the sub-page Insects in Tenerife I have reserved a special section about everything that has more than 4 legs.

You may already know that Tenerife is also called the island of eternal spring. And spring naturally includes flowers. As mentioned above, the island has no less than 140 endemic flower and plant species. In this sub-page an overview of the most special flowers and plants that you can admire here on the island.