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Flora & Fauna. Foto combinatie van amandelbloesem, grind, tizon en tajinaste

Flora & Fauna

In the realm of flora & fauna, there is a lot to discover on Tenerife. Thanks to the various climate zones, the island boasts an immense biodiversity. Of the approximately 1400 different plant species, a whopping 140 are endemic.

In terms of fauna, there is a multitude of bird species, reptiles, amphibians, fish species, and – one of the most impressive sights on the island – the presence of wild sea turtles and cetaceans such as the pilot whale and dolphin.

The ocean between Tenerife and La Gomera was declared Europe's first whale paradise at the beginning of 2021, a Whale Heritage Site. Click here for more information.

Curious about the colorful flowers and unique animals of Tenerife? Discover more in the two sub-chapters about Flora and Fauna:


Flora was the Roman goddess of spring and flowers. A very applicable topic for Tenerife, which is also called the island of eternal spring. You will be amazed by the strangely shaped Tajinaste, the mysterious dragon tree or the versatile Canary Island pine. Would you like to know more about the breathtaking flowers and plants on Tenerife? Discover it here!

But let's start small. Because insects are also part of the island's ecosystem. On the sub-page Insects on Tenerife, I have reserved a special section about everything with more than 4 legs.