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Playa Diego Hernández, foto van het prachtige strand

Spaghetti Beach / Playa Diego Hernández

Officially the beach is called Playa Diego Hernández . This is the name you will also find on Google Maps. However, it is better known to the locals as Spaghetti Beach or Hippie Beach. A hippie used to live on this beach, who daily cooked a large pan of spaghetti for the day trippers, in exchange for a small financial contribution.


The nature reserve in which this beautiful beach is located has long been a very popular place for people with a Bohemian lifestyle. This is how the beach got its second nickname, Hippie Beach. Some live in self-built huts, tents and sandstone caves in the cliffs surrounding the beach.

Of course it is forbidden to camp in a protected nature reserve and so the municipality regularly organizes 'clean-ups'. However, it usually doesn't take long before the hippies return.

Most earn their living through homemade jewelry sales, beach sculptures or as buskers. Live and let live I say.

Hippy Cave near Spagetthi Beach
Cave near Spaghetti Beach
Spaghetti Beach

Useful information about this beach:

  • Location: Hidden between the picturesque fishing villages of La Caleta and El Puertito, the beach can be found on Google Maps under Playa Diego Hernández
  • Accessibility:   By foot, boat or kayak. From both La Caleta and El Puertito it is about a 30 to 40 minute walk along a narrow sandy path. Difficulty of the road is average, in any case wear sturdy shoes.
  • Sunbeds: It is a natural beach without sunbeds
  • Type of sand: Fine light-colored sand
  • WC: No WC's
  • Showers:  No showers
  • Wheelchair/pram accessibility: Not possible
  • Lifeguard: Not present. In case of emergency call 112 .
  • Snorkeling: When the sea is calm, the crystal clear water is ideal for snorkeling
  • Beach bars: Not present. In La Caleta, right next to the (steep) stairs towards the nature reserve, there is a mini market where you can stock up on all kinds of provisions. From El Puertito there is a local restaurant, Bodegón Pepe y Lola, where you can eat delicious tapas for a small price before or after your walk to Spaghetti Beach. 
  • Sundowner rating:  Very romantic, but you have to bring your own drink. Also make sure you leave shortly after sunset. It gets dark quickly in Tenerife and the sandy path is difficult to navigate in the dark. I give this beach a 4* as sundowner rating.

Important: there are no bins in this area, so take your rubbish with you after your visit!

Interesting Facts and Insider Tips:

  • Although not officially listed, this is a beach much loved by nudists.
  • Many boat trips departing from Puerto Colon (the harbour of Costa Adeje) drop anchor here, although there is usually no time for passengers to swim to the beach. Nevertheless, it's a relaxed way to see the beach.
  • In La Caleta there is a kayak rental, La Caleta Adventures, where you can rent a sea kayak for a reasonable price and paddle yourself to Playa Diego Hernández kunt peddelen . Click here for the link and book a unique experience!
Kayak La Caleta: foto kayak verhuur in La Caleta