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Playa del Duque Norte

This black beach, formerly known as Playa El Berilis very suitable for swimming thanks to its ideal location between breakwaters.

The dark natural sand has a fine structure and gradually slopes into the water. It only gets a little deeper at about 10 meters from the surf, so if you swim parallel to the shoreline, you can basically stand anywhere.

There are often crabs along the breakwaters to the left and right of the beach. A school of fish swims by here and there. To say that it is a snorkeling paradise is a bit of an exaggeration. In any case, it is worth taking swimming goggles with you.

Useful information:


  • Next to the famous Playa del Duque Sur, in the area of ​​El Beril, Costa Adeje


  • By foot : the beach is located directly on the promenade.
  • By car: At Calle El Beril, about 100 meters from the beach, there is a medium-sized parking lot. Come early, because most parking spaces are occupied during the day. A good alternative is to park the car somewhere near the church of La Caleta. 
  • By bus: The TITSA bus stop of lines 467 and 452 is located about 300 meters from the beach, get off just past the church of La Caleta.


  • These are in the somewhat higher price range, but comes with a wonderfully thick mattress. The price is 12,95 € for a thatched parasol with one sunbed and 19,05 € for a thatched parasol with two sunbeds. You can choose the sun loungers and parasol yourself, the rental representative - dressed in blue and white uniform - will come by to collect the money.

Type of sand:

  • Fine black sand, sometimes there are some small stones.


  • This belongs to the beach bar BDB Norte, but is freely accessible during the opening hours of the beach bar. There are 2 public - very well maintained - toilet areas on the adjacent Playa del Duque Sur .


  • Two shower columns.

Wheelchair/pram accessibility:

  • Next to the lifeguard is a wooden platform, suitable for wheelchairs and prams. There is currently no bathing equipment available (yet) for people with walking difficulties. A water wheelchair has recently been installed on the Playa del Duque Sur, .


  • Available daily, in summer from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, in winter from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


  • Regularly you will find small fish swimming just before the surf. More fish can often be seen along the breakwaters.


  • BDD Norte (also called Chiringuito The Tai on Google Maps). Open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. A chic beach bar with extremely friendly staff. The bar belongs to the prestigious 5* hotel Bahía del Duque, but is accessible to everyone (with a well-filled wallet).


  • The sunset cannot be seen frontally from this beach, but it is certainly worth the effort because of the relaxed atmosphere.