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Sun, Sea & Beach

This page, with a summary of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife, is kind of mandatory, as it will hopefully contribute to your perfect holiday on Tenerife. In the course of time, I will post all sorts of useful information on the top beaches, so please check in every now and then for updated news regarding sunbeds, toilets etc.

Sun, sea & beach; the best ingredients for a relaxing holiday. Walk barefoot through the surf as the warm sun reflects on the crystal clear water. Along the way, stop for a cold beer in a trendy beach bar. The ultimate holiday feeling, available about 365 days a year!

So, what are the best beaches for sunbathing, snorkeling or watching the sunset?

Read on below for the best tips about the most beautiful beaches and other related info.


Tenerife is also known as the Island of Eternal Spring..

The sub-tropical island has a wonderful and constant climate. In fact, the climate of the Canary Islands is considered one of the best in the world! In summer it rarely gets warmer than 30ºC (86ºF) and in winter, in the south anyway, the temperature rarely drops below 20ºC (68ºF).

With its 28th latitude and 16th longitude, Tenerife lies just above the Tropic of Cancer, not far from the coast of West Africa. The UV radiation in the Canary Islands is much more intense than in the north of Europe. Even when it's cloudy (which doesn't happen often) you can still get a sunburn!

Because it is almost never really hot, and there is often a lovely ocean breeze, one does not always think about regularly applying the right sun factor. Therefore insider tipI would strongly recommend to rub on sunscreen on frequent basis. Especially at the beginning of the holiday, the skin really needs to get used to those bright sun rays!

Nobody wants to walk around like a red lobster right at the start of the holiday, right? (*)

So - especially - the first few days: apply a high factor!

(*) Well…and if it does happen… then Aloe Vera After Sun (doesn't matter which brand) is wonderfully cooling on the skin. Available at most supermarkets in Tenerife.
Zon, zee & strand. Illustratie van Flesje zonne-creme factor 50
Rub it on!


Gele Vlag op het strand van La Caleta
Yellow flag: possibly dangerous to swim
Blue flag on Playa de la Enramada

Let me start by rephrasing the word 'Sea': the big pond in which Tenerife is located is in fact not a sea, but the Atlantic Ocean.

The water temperature is on average 20.3 ºC (68.54 ºF) and does not differ much between winter (18.8 ºC / 65.84 ºF) and summer (21.7 ºC / 71.06 ºF). That means that, basically, you can swim in the ocean all year round.

But the ocean can be treacherous at times. It is therefore very important to follow the directions of the lifeguard, and of course to keep an eye on the beach flags . The system of the flags is quite easy to understand, and is reminiscent of a traffic light:

  • Green: The water is calm and it is safe to swim. Nevertheless, always be careful.
  • Yellow: Possibly dangerous, best not to get too far into the water and stay alert.
  • Red: Refrain from swimming. Not even if you're a great swimmer. In some places there is a dangerous undertow that is not always visible from the surface of the water. By ignoring this signal you not only endanger yourself, but possibly also the life of the lifeguard. So please don't.

Apart from that, there are a number of blue flags, which stand for the quality of the beach. It is a kind of certificate to show that the beach meets different quality requirements. This year, no fewer than 16 blue flags have been awarded in Tenerife. 


In this section I want to show the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife, with useful info such as:

  • sunbeds (and the best prices)
  • chiringuitos (hip beach bars)
  • availability of toilets and showers
  • rental lockers
  • beach assistance for people with mobility problems 
  • type of sand, such as: fine, coarse, stones, white or black sand (the black sand is actually due to lava, usually very fine in structure… it takes some getting used to but I personally think it is quite pretty). 
  • the best sundowner beaches

But of course there are also beautiful beaches – off the beaten track – that only insiders know about. Ever heard of 'Spaghetti Beach

Actually, this beach, approximately a 20 minute walk from the fishing village of La Caleta, is called Playa Diego Hernández. However, if you ask a local, they often shrug their shoulders because the beach is better known as Spaghetti Beach, or Hippy Beach… Why that is, and other fun facts about the different beaches, I will reveal in due course in the corresponding link.

It will be a challenge to comment on all beaches, so check back on this page regularly. Click on the map for a link - per municipality -to the top beaches.

Map van Tenerife met indicatie van de zone Costa Adeje
Beaches of Costa Adeje
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