Vroege vogels vangen de beste ligbedjes... Foto van gereserveerde ligbedjes.

Early Birds Catch The Best Sunbeds… 

Tenerife, the sunny paradise where holiday dreams come to life. Until the high season starts. Because then the annual phenomenon pops up, which can turn many a holiday into a nightmare: reserving sunbeds at the hotel swimming pool.  

Early Birds Catch The Best Sunbeds…

While most people are still sleeping peacefully, a handful of early risers sneak through the hotel with the aim of getting a sunbed. Armed with a towel, they do not hesitate to climb over gates, avoid the night porter and noisily remove the carefully piled sunbeds. They routinely place their towels on the desired sun loungers, and with a triumphant grin return to their room to catch a few more hours of sleep. 

Mission accomplished 

Mission accomplished, they can now face the day in peace. Lie in, have a leisurely breakfast and then go to the beach. Excuse me?! The beach? Yes. After all, they are on a beach vacation. 

Around 1 pm they shuffle back to the hotel, burnt and sticky from the sand. Have a quick bite from the all-inclusive buffet and then relax by the pool. On their lounger. 

Where is the towel?! 

But hey, what's that? Some nasty hotel guest has dared to take the lounger! It does not matter that it concerns an elderly couple with mobility problems. While the towel warrior points out in no uncertain terms to the intimidated couple that they are lying on his lounger, the lifeguard intervenes. He hands over the towels that had been carefully laid out at 5 o'clock in the morning and mentions that reserving sunbeds is prohibited.  

Now it's the lifeguard's turn and he gets the full load. Meanwhile, the mood around the pool changes: the majority of hotel guests who have duly adhered to the opening hours of the swimming pool are now sick and tired of it and a riot is about to break out. The heated mood is reason to rent sunbeds and an umbrella on the beach for the remainder of the hard-earned holiday. A bit expensive but at least no more stress. In this link some tips about the most beautiful beaches.

Holiday home with private sunbed 

Maybe it's time to consider a holiday home for your next stay? Possibly with your own swimming pool or at least a sun lounger on your private terrace. So you can sleep in comfortably. No more hectic sprint to the hotel pool, no more worries about losing your lounger. Only your own oasis of peace and relaxation, where you can – finally – enjoy your holiday. 

To get an idea of ​​what is on offer in this area, I am enclosing a list from Booking.com with beautiful and affordable holiday homes in Tenerife. And your own lounger!

In the meantime I wish you a nice holiday in Tenerife, and, who knows: !Hasta pronto! 

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