The Sand Carpets of La Orotava

The Sand Carpets of La Orotava

Spanish culture is full of festivals, often accompanied by cheerfully decorated streets and town squares. The absolute highlight in this area is the municipality of La Orotava during the celebration of Corpus Christi.

Sand and Flower Carpets of La Orotava 

In La Orotava, they go beyond just flags and ribbons. In the city center, an artistic flower carpet is laid that runs through the narrow streets and ends at the town hall square, which is completely covered with a beautiful colored sand carpet.

Alfrombreros La Orotava

The preparation for this special street decoration begins well over a month in advance. The alfombreros (carpet layers) work day and night meticulously drawing the designs, which are then precisely colored with lava sand from the Teide National Park. This natural sand gives the carpets their unique appearance.

This years sand carpet represents heaven.

By the way: the 2007 sand carpet was recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest natural sand carpet in the world, with an area of approximately 859.42 m².

A special year

This year brings an remarkable fact: due to the coincidence of the European elections on June 9th, the celebration of Corpus Christi is split into two parts. The Infraoctava Corpus Christi, on which the day of the carpets falls, takes place on Thursday, June 6th, 2024. The following weekend, from Friday, June 14th to Sunday, June 16th, the festivities resume with events such as the baile de magos, the cattle market, and of course the romería (pilgrimage).

Tips for admiring the carpets

Currently, the final touches are being put on the sand carpets, so if you're in Tenerife at the moment, it's a good idea to perhaps take a look this week. On the day itself, it can of course be very busy in the center.

To admire both the flower carpet and the sand carpet in all their glory, Thursday, June 6, 2024 is the best day. As with all busy festivals, it is advisable to come by bus and leave the car at home. On the ‘Public Transport‘ page, you will find useful tips on how to do this.

Insider Tip: Museo de las Alfombras

If you’re not on the island during Corpus Christi, don't worry! In La Orotava, right next to the famous Casa de los Balcones, you’ll find the Museo de las Alfombras (Carpet Museum). This museum has an interesting exhibition dedicated to the sand carpets.

So far the latest from Tenerife.

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