De amandelbloesem van Santiago del Teide. Foto close-up van een amandelbloesem.

The almond blossom of Santiago del Teide

Every year, it's a enchanting spectacle: the almond blossom of Santiago del Teide. Situated at an altitude of 930 meters, this picturesque village is worth a visit all year round, with its charming church, characteristic restaurants, and numerous beautiful hiking trails in and around the area.

From late January to early March, hundreds of almond trees blossom in this municipality. Moreover, this spectacle is not limited to Santiago del Teide; you can also find this beautiful blossom in other places on the island, such as around Vilaflor.

Almond Cultivation

These trees serve not only for decoration. Not too long ago, almond cultivation was a significant source of income. The tree thrives excellently in the Canary Islands (especially La Palma, Tenerife, and Gran Canaria) because it requires little water, making it the ideal fruit tree for the drier areas of the island. 

By the way, did you know that Spain ranks second globally in almond production? Although the majority is cultivated on the mainland of Spain, almonds from the Canary Islands are also in high demand, especially on the islands themselves. 

It's not surprising that almonds are a common ingredient in Canary Islands cuisine. Have you ever tasted Bienmesabe? This delightful dessert, made with ingredients such as egg yolk, honey, and almonds, is finger-licking good! By the way, the name means 'it tastes good to me.' Definitely worth a try!


And now... put on your hiking shoes! 

There is only one way to get a close look at the beautiful almond blossom, and that is on foot. This can be done both organized, in groups, and individually.

Organized Hike

  • If you want to sign up for an organized hike, you can do so with the excursion company El Cardon, which again this year is organizing the official walks for the municipality of Santiago del Teide between February 2 and 25, 2024.
  • Departure is from Plaza de Santiago del Teide and costs only €5 per person (adults and children pay the same price). The number of spots is limited, so reserve in advance. Click on the poster for a direct link to El Cardon's reservation page.
  • Please note that the guidance is only in Spanish, although it shouldn't be a real hindrance. Included in the price are the guide, insurance, and transportation from the endpoint back to the starting point. For €5 per person, it's certainly a bargain. Please remember to bring your own picnic!

Individual Hike

While such a group undoubtedly has its advantages, I can well imagine that many people prefer to experience this natural spectacle on their own. Nothing compares to the tranquility of an early morning walk, surrounded only by the chirping of birds and the gentle rustling of blossom petals in the wind. Here are some valuable insider tips:

  • Go on a weekday. During the blossom season, it's often much busier on the weekends.
  • Plan your hike as early as possible. Not only for the tranquility during the walk but also due to the limited number of parking spaces. Moreover, Santiago del Teide is easily accessible by public transportation, both from the north and the south of the island. If you still have doubts about how the bus system works in Tenerife, take a look at the Public Transportation section.
  • Even if you're an experienced hiker, take a moment to check this checklist:  
    • shoes with a profile 
    • walking stick 
    • cap or hat with visor (essential at sunrise) 
    • enough water 
    • energy bar or piece of fruit 
    • various layers of clothing. Especially if you start early, it can still be quite cold, so long pants and a wind jacket are not superfluous. As the temperatures rise during the walk, you can peel off layers of clothing along the way 
    • sunscreen  
    • camera! 

Recommended Route

There are various routes to see the almond blossoms. The 'official' one goes from Santiago del Teide to the higher located Arguayo. A challenging hike of about 9 kilometers, and not a circular route. My personal favorites deviate a bit from this. For enthusiasts, I have recorded the routes in the following route planners. Click on the map for a complete description of the route.

Have a great time, stay safe, and... ¡Hasta Pronto!

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