Stressvrij op vakantie. Foto van een overvolle koffer.

Stress-Free Holidays

Due to staff shortages, there was quite a bit of chaos at the airports in Northern Europe last year. Hours of queues at check-in and security checks took away the desire to travel. Fortunately, it seems that we can count on fairly stress-free holidays this year. Although?

Holiday stress

Traveling can be stressful at times. Especially in high season. Being at the airport on time with the whole family. Everyone grumpy due to lack of sleep and then 4 – very heavy – suitcases, bulging hand luggage and smelly cheese sandwiches for the road. And did you turn off the gas stove?

Well, there's nothing you can do about it, it's just part of the holidays.


Komen we nog even terug op die koffers. Je bent blij dat je ze hebt dichtgekregen. Helaas:  je hebt  het gewicht van de koffer slecht  ingeschat en dit leidt tot een discussie met het personeel aan de incheckbalie. Bijbetalen, of de koffer nog eens openmaken en de  familiefles shampoo en vijf potten pindakaas weggooien?

Suitcase lost!

OK, everything else went well. Bags checked in, flight on time and no turbulence during the flight. When you see the top of the beloved Teide sticking out above the clouds in the distance, your heart fills with joy. Only 15 minutes before landing and then the holiday can begin!

After the applause on landing, you quickly want to collect the suitcase. But: after all fellow passengers have left and the next flight is announced on the monitor… suitcase number 4 Is Not There!!! What to do when your suitcase is lost, you can read in the chapter of Suitcase lost!!

Insider Tip

Of course, the above situation is a bit exaggerated. Nine times out of ten everything goes well and you arrive at your destination without incident. Still, there are quite a few things you can do yourself, especially in terms of luggage, to save yourself some stress

Travel light

Instead of that immensely large suitcase, take one trolley per person with you (average size: 55 x 40 x 25 cm). As hand luggage . That may require some rethinking, but remember that you safe having to queue up to check in your luggage upon departure, and there is no waiting for your suitcase upon arrival. Here are some tips on what to pack as hand luggage:


  •  You really need a lot less clothes than you think. : Swimwear, shorts, 2 or 3 T-shirts, a hiking outfit and maybe a nice sarong. This can also serve as a beach towel. For 10 euros you can often buy a beautiful cloth from the Lookie-Lookie guys on the boulevard.  
  • You really only need 3 pairs of shoes: flip flops for the beach, fancy shoes for going out and a pair of hiking shoes. Logically, you put on the pair of shoes that takes up the most space on the outward and return flight. Roll up all your clothes when packing. This gives you much more space, and your clothes remain reasonably wrinkle-free.
  • Buy hand detergents on site and wash your clothes by hand if necessary. This will be dry in no time on the balcony of your hotel. The somewhat better hotels often offer a laundry service for a fee.
  • Tenerife has a very relaxed attitude and, believe me, very few people pay attention to your outfit. Remember that you are either in a holiday home where no one can see what you are wearing, or you are staying in a hotel where the audience changes almost daily.

Liquid Items:

  • The rule still applies that liquids and gels are allowed in a container of a maximum of 100 ml, in a transparent and resealable plastic bag, with a maximum of 1 liter per person. So buy sun cream, toothpaste and things like hair foam on your holiday destination! This way you don't have to fiddle with travel bottles. Often these types of products are also a lot cheaper on Tenerife.

Wishing you a very nice and stress-free holiday and…¡Hasta Pronto!

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