Solar eclipse in Tenerife

Solar eclipse in Tenerife

On Monday, April 8, 2024, shortly before sunset, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Tenerife. It begins at 8:17 p.m. local time and reaches its peak at 9:02 p.m. hours. Unfortunately, by that time, there will be nothing left to see as the sunset occurs at 8:27 p.m. hours. So don't expect too much; it will rather resemble a small bite out of the sun. Nonetheless, it's worth observing if you're on the island. Additionally, this natural phenomenon can also be observed from El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, and Gran Canaria.

Precautionary measures 

You are probably aware that looking directly at the sun without eye protection can be very harmful to the eyes. Never look directly at the sun. Eclipse glasses are unfortunately not readily available, but since the eclipse occurs just before sunset, the sun should not be too bright at the time of the eclipse. Therefore, it should be possible to film or photograph the event.

Here is my photo reportage of the partial solar eclipse from October 14, 2023, to get you in the mood:

Facebook Challenge 

If you have taken beautiful photos of the solar eclipse, then post them on the Facebook page of Tenerife Insider Tips.

Stay informed! 

Meanwhile, you may have heard or read about the upcoming major protest scheduled for April 20, 2024, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and various other islands under the motto 'Canarias tiene un límite' (The Canary Islands have a limit). This theme has already reached the international press and, in my opinion, further fuels the fire without explaining why the local population is actually angry.

I will delve deeper into this in my next blog.

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