Regen in Tenerife, wat nu? Foto van ondergaande zon op zee, met een regenfront aan de horizon

Rain in Tenerife, now what?


Rain in Tenerife, now what? It doesn't happen often, at least not in the south of the island, but if it does rain, it is usually accompanied by quite a bit of chaos. The infrastructure is just not set up for it. Some roads become impassable, the sewage system can hardly cope with the excess water and at the airport it can lead to considerable delays or even cancellation of flights.

Disappointing for people who are on holiday in Tenerife during such a cloudburst. But don't worry, as the rainy periods never tend to last very long.  

Weather forecast and local 'alertas'

There are dozens of websites and weather apps with just as many different weather forecasts. To get a somewhat reliable weather forecast, I recommend consulting the website of the Spanish Meteorological Institute,  AEMET (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología). In case of possible severe weather (such as strong rain, storm, heavy kalima or high waves), the government publishes preventive warnings (alertas), which can be checked on the website of the Gobierno de Canarias (usually those alertas are also posted via Social Media).

Weatherproof trips

As mentioned, the island is not really set up for bad weather. Fortunately, there are still plenty of things you can do to enjoy yourself during the holiday when the weather is less favorable.

1. Spa/Wellness center

  • There is nothing more invigorating than relaxing in a wellness center, for a few hours . Many of the more upscale hotels on the island have their own wellness center, so if you stay in such a hotel, ask the reception what the possibilities are. There are also several Wellness centers on the island where you can book a circuit. By the way, did you know that one of the largest urban spas in Europe is located in Tenerife?
Aqua Club Termal. Foto van de wellness club
Aqua Club Termal – Costa Adeje (GetYourGuide)
  • Aqua Club Termal in Costa Adeje is a gigantic Wellness Center (1000 m2) with a beautiful circuit. Easily accessible, and all you need is a towel and swimwear.  Click here for a link to the GetYourGuide's website to book your entrance ticket

2. Shopping

Tenerife biedt niet alleen een paradijselijk landschap maar ook een onweerstaanbaar winkelparadijs. Of je nu op zoek bent naar trendy mode, lokale ambachten, of belastingvrije schatten, Tenerife verwelkomt shopliefhebbers met open armen. Ontdek charmante boetiekjes, levendige markten, en indrukwekkende winkelcentra die de diversiteit van het eiland weerspiegelen. Voor een uitvoerig verslag over waar je kunt inkopen, en waar je op moet letten met shoppen, heb ik speciaal daarvoor een extra blog gepost: https://www.tenerifeinsidertips.com/blog/shoppen-op-tenerife/

3. Cinema

  • The island has about ten cinemas. Ideal for when it rains. Keep in mind that many of the films have been dubbed into Spanish (which might fit in nicely with your Spanish language course?)
  • But don't worry, especially in the tourist areas, the latest films are also often shown in V.O.S.E. (original version, usually in English, with Spanish subtitles.
  • The cinema of CC X-Sur (popularly known as the Gran Sur shopping center, located in Costa Adeje) also shows films in English, daily , without any subtitles.
  • Click here for the link to the X-Sur film programme. Incidentally, this shopping center also contains a number of nice street food restaurants.

Additional insider tip

If you fancy a little stroll between the showers, keep in mind that it can be slippery in some places. In this weather it is better not to wear flip flops or the like to prevent slipping accidents.

So much for some Insider Tips.

Stay safe and...

Hasta Pronto!

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