Night of San Juan: Bonfires in Tenerife

Night of San Juan: Bonfires in Tenerife 

On June 23, shortly before sunset, bonfires ignite everywhere on Tenerife. This spectacular display marks the beginning of the annual Noche de San Juan, a celebration honoring the birth of John the Baptist, known as San Juan in Spanish.

The tradition of Midsummer's Eve is not limited to Tenerife: celebrations and customs abound worldwide to commemorate this special night. The fact that it coincides with the summer solstice (the shortest night of the year, June 21) is no coincidence. Ancient pagan customs and religious traditions intertwine in this enchanting night.

Fire, water and magical rituals

The main elements during Noche de San Juan are fire and water. Fire has a purifying effect. For instance, you can write things you want to let go of on a piece of paper and entrust them to the flames. And of course, the evening wouldn't be complete without jumping over the bonfire at least once (this usually happens later in the evening, as the flames are initially too high). According to old traditions, jumping an odd number of times over the fire brings good luck.

Because we are surrounded by water on our beautiful island, this tradition usually takes place on the beach. This is not only safer in terms of fire hazard, but it also allows you to connect the symbol of fire with water and cleanse yourself in the Atlantic Ocean afterward. Magical!

Of course, you can also create your own ritual. The most important thing is to have a great evening!

Where can I join in?

If you want to organize a hoguera (Spanish for bonfire) yourself, you need to officially apply to the municipality where you are staying. But you can also just walk along the coast and join an existing group. With a friendly greeting (and maybe a few cold six-packs of beer to share), you'll surely be welcome to join in celebrating this special tradition.

Have fun and ¡Hasta pronto!

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