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Gratis met het OV reizen in Tenerife? Slogan van de Cabildo met Titsa Bus

Free public transport in Tenerife?

As you may be aware, it is possible to travel for free by public transport on the Canary Islands since January 1, 2023. However, as appealing as this may sound, there are some conditions attached.

For residents only

To dispel any illusions right away: if you're coming to our sunny island for a vacation soon, you can't take advantage of this offer. You'll, as always, have to buy a ticket. You can find out how to do that in the chapter on Public Transport.

The conditions at a glance

You can travel for free if you have:

  1. Bono Residente Canario: This card is for Canarian residents (those with a fixed residence on the island). It is a monthly pass and personalized (with a photo), so it is not possible to travel with multiple people on this card. For those residents who may not have this card yet: you can apply for it online (click here). However, you must personally pick it up at the bus station of your choice. The cost for a new card is 5 euros (one-time fee).
  2. Abono Joven: Same Modus Operandi as for the above-mentioned Bono Residente Canario, but for Canarian Residents under 30 years old.
  3. Abono Mensual Senior > 65: Just like the Bono Residente Canario, but for Canarian Residents who are 65 years or older.
  4. Abono Mensual personas con discapacidad: The monthly pass for residents with a disability equal to or greater than 33%  (granted by the Cabildo of Tenerife).

If you already have one of the above-mentioned monthly cards, you must travel by bus or tram a minimum of 10 times in the 30 days before renewing the card.

For residents applying for a monthly pass for the first time, you only pay 5 euros for the card issuance. If you then renew the card and have traveled less than 10 times by public transport in the preceding 30 days, you will need to pay the full monthly subscription fee (click here for prices).

Is it worth it then?

It depends. If you travel by bus or tram frequently, it's, of course, a very nice advantage (a Bono Residente Canario normally costs 19 euros per month, so that's quite a lot of money, especially annually). For people who don't use the bus so often, it's probably more practical to use a regular Ten+ card (if you register it on the Ten+ website, you also get a discount on the fare).

Free to Mount Teide or Punto de Teno?

Unfortunately not, as these bus routes are seen as 'tourist routes' and everyone pays the full price.

And other islands?

For the moment, the card is limited to the island where you live/resident.

So far the latest news,

Stay safe and Hasta Pronto!

2 thoughts on “Gratis met het OV reizen op Tenerife?”

  1. Jose bolwerk

    So if you are 65 and older and you come from Europe, you do not get a discount on public transport?

    1. Hello José. Free travel or discount with the public transport card in Tenerife is only for residents of the island. So if you do not have a permanent address in Tenerife, you will have to pay the normal price.
      Requisitos: Mayor de 65 años, DNI y ser residentes en Canarias.

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