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Efficiënt naar Tenerife reizen


I feel saddened seeing the daily newspaper headlines regarding the chaos at the airports in Northern Europe. Massive queues at check-in and security checks likely take away the desire to travel.

And once you've finally checked in your heavy suitcase, the question is: will you ever see it again. Or so the media suggests. Unfair to the people who have been looking forward to their vacation, unfair to the overworked ground staff, and unfair to the already badly plagued tourist industry.

To hopefulliy make the check-in process a bit easier, here a few handy insider tips, to make your trip to Tenerife as efficient as possible:

Travel light

Meaning that everything you take with you on your trip should fit in one trolley/travel bag (average size: 55 x 40 x 25 cm). So as hand luggage .


  • You can skip the line at the check-in desk and go directly to (the line of) the security check.
  • It takes away a bit of the work pressure of the ground staff (check-in desk, suitcase staff).
  • When you arrive at your dream destination (Tenerife of course!) you don't have to wait - with crossed fingers - at the baggage claim, hoping that your suitcase has also traveled along.
  • After landing you can quickly go to the exit of the airport, jump directly in a taxi, bus or rental car and about 45 minutes after landing you are already at your hotel. With luggage!

I'm going on vacation and I'm bringing...

I understand that it takes some rethinking, but I assure you: you really do not need to bring that many clothes. I really make it a sport to take as little as possible with me and to choose clothing that can be combined in many ways.

Swimwear, shorts, 2 or 3 T-shirts, and hiking outfit (like a very handy zip-off pants). You really don't need any more clothes-wise. Also very handy, for both the beach and in the evening (for example combined with leggings): a nice sarong. The sarong can also serve as a beach towel. Or you could buy a beautiful beach towel for 10 euros with the Lookie-Lookie guys on the boulevard.

Furthermore, a maximum of 3 pairs of shoes: flip flops for the beach, neat ones for going out/dining and walking shoes. Logically, you put on the pair of shoes that take up the most space for the outward and return flight.

Insider tips:

  • Buy a hand wash on the spot (for example Norit Detergente) and wash your underwear, socks and T-shirts by hand during your stay. On the balcony of your hotel, this will be dry in no time!
  • Roll up all your clothes when packing. This gives you much more space, and your clothes remain reasonably wrinkle-free.
  • You can easily stuff socks and underwear into the shoes you brought with you, which also saves space!

Liquid Items

To avoid unnecessary delays at the security check, it is recommended to only bring the most essential liquid items with you. The rule still applies that liquids and gels are allowed in packaging of a maximum of 100 ml, in a transparent and resealable plastic bag. The bag may be a maximum of 1 liter (maximum 1 plastic 1-litre bag per person).

For the seasoned traveler this is old news, but it still regularly causes problems during the security check (such as heated discussions between the traveler and the security staff because the traveler believes that his 200 ml tube of toothpaste is half empty and therefore only contains 100 ml). Or similar pointless and time-consuming incidents…

It's quite a puzzle, because you may have to cram your favorite cream into a smaller 100 ml travel bottle, and then of course you also have the much-needed sun cream, shampoo and conditioner that you should actually take with you. How do I get it all in my luggage?!

Insider tip:

  • Just buy sunscreen, toothpaste and things like hair foam on the spot! This way you don't have to fiddle with travel bottles of 100 ml, and these types of products are often a lot cheaper in Tenerife. Not only at the supermarkets, but also at the numerous Parfumerías you will find good hair and skin products for very reasonable prices.

So far, hopefully some useful tips. I sincerely hope that the situation will improve quickly and that there will soon be enough ground staff to guide the hordes of people through the check-in and control effortlessly. But every little bit helps.

Stay safe and hopefully...Hasta Pronto!

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