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Halloween in Tenerife

Halloween in Tenerife

Fusion of Cultures Halloween in Tenerife is a fascinating celebration that brings together different cultures and traditions. This unique mix of ancient pagan rituals, Catholic holidays and local Canarian customs makes it a fascinating event. But where does the origin actually lie? That's hard to say, because in almost every culture around the world there is...

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Pelgrimstocht naar Candelaria. Foto van pelgrims voor de basiliek van Candelaria, en een foto van Nuestra Señora de Candelaria

Pilgrimage to Candelaria 

Every year, Tenerife lives a special tradition that attracts thousands of devoted pilgrims from all over the region. The annual pilgrimage to Candelaria is a celebration of faith, culture and ancient traditions. On August 15, the day of the patron saint, Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, is lavishly celebrated. This special lady has both a religious and a historical background: …

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