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Tenerife Insider Tips .The name probably says it all. I have been living and working on this beautiful island since 1995 and have always enjoyed providing inside information to visitors. Unfortunately, that (temporarily) came to an end due to the Covid-19 crisis. So I figured it might be a good idea not to limit my knowledge to a handful of hotel guests, but to process it into an information website that will benefit everyone. 

My intention is to fill the site with practical tips, suggestions for nice sights and unusual trips. Insider tips that I hope will contribute to your unforgettable vacation on the Island of Eternal Spring..

And, of course, the site is not only for first-time visitors, but also for people who may have been coming to Tenerife for years, or even live here!

In the menu above you will find various themes that may come in handy when preparing your trip, or can serve as a travel guide during the holiday.


The beautiful island of Tenerife is only a 4½ hour flight from most airports in Northern Europe. An island I may call my home since 1995.

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands and belongs to Spain. The archipelago, of which seven large and six smaller islands, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 400 km (248 miles) from the coast of Morocco and Western Sahara.

And you will immediately believe that we are located close to the Sahara when you land at Tenerife South Airport. If you look out of the airplane window, full of expectation, the environment seems dry and barren.

But don't judge too quickly! Tenerife has a surprisingly beautiful nature, with an enormous variety of landscape: desert, laurel forests, beautiful beaches and no less than 297 (!) volcanoes. Mount Teide, with its 3715 meters, is not only the highest vulcano of the island, but also the highest mountain of Spain.  


Tenerife is therefore not only sun, beach and mass tourism. Discover the lesser-known side of the island: take a beautiful circular walk along a few volcanoes, set out through dense forests or walk along narrow goat paths.

And how about a boat trip to see whales, dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat, up close?! Or stroll through quaint villages where time has stood still.


A great source of information is the website Turismo de Tenerife, the official promotion website of Tenerife, with an enormous amount of information. Of course, I won't be able match such a website. But that is not the intention either.

My goal is to to contribute to promote our beautiful island, and to give it a somewhat intimate touch with my personal stories.


It will take some time before I have completely set up the website to my liking. But if you have any question or a suggestion, I can be reached via the Contact page

Meanwhile, I also post a weekly Blog about Tenerife fun facts and current news , so be sure to take a look!

Greetings and Hasta Pronto!


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